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Home Design

Designing a home involves much more than a nice floor plan and a pretty exterior.

Whether you choose one of my pre-drawn plans or we work together on a custom design,
my purpose is to ensure that your home will be built as an
energy-efficient, healthy, durable & comfortable home,
visually-pleasing inside & out,
true to its style & to yours, because after all

“There’s no place like home”  — Your home.

Energy Efficient

You will save money on your energy bills.

Warm in winter, cool in summer, well sealed against air leakage, built to incorporate high R-value insulation and low U-value windows. An all-electric home can be made Net Zero Energy ready, just add solar panels.


You and your family will breathe easier.

A whole-house ventilation system to improve indoor air quality and keep out pollutants and irritants. Inside, no toxic materials.



Sturdy & Resiliant

You will know your home is built to last.

Methods and materials recommended by experts in building science, a solid but not over-complicated structural framework, and an eye toward sustainability and minimizing future maintenance costs.


You, your family and your friends will enjoy being there

Attractive and welcoming on the outside. Not too big, not too small, with plenty of natural light and as much storage as possible. Spaces that are designed for the way real people live. Not a house, but a home.

Want Custom?

Just for you.

Specific to your site and respectful of your neighborhood. Designed for the way YOU live, now and as time passes. The house style you like, done with authenticity. Serving Central Oregon and beyond.

A Set of Plans

From design to construction.

A design doesn’t become a home without detailed plans that illustrate how a house is to be built, address building codes and structural requirements, and that explain the features that will make a house your home.

Questions? Reach out.
Let's talk about it!