…designing just the home you had in mind.

Your custom home design will be:
Specific to your site
Designed for the way you live
Right sized, not too big or too small
The style you like, done with authenticity
Future planned for life changes
Well structured and energy efficient

Your custom home design will NOT be:
A monument to my own creativity

Custom home design for new construction, remodels and additions, serving Central Oregon and beyond

to inquire, please go to the contact page.

The Design Process in a Nutshell

  1. We meet. We talk. I ask a lot of questions. I visit your site.
  2. We now have a “program.” I write a proposal. You sign it and pay a retainer. We all get excited about the project.
  3. If this is an addition or remodel I take many photos and measurements of the existing home, using them to create an “As-Built” plan.
  4. I take all our criteria, apply my experience, knowledge and creativity, and start designing. I’ll show you a preliminary design. Now the fun part! Working together, we go back and forth, you reviewing, me revising, until we have refined the design. You approve the design by paying another deposit. It starts to feel real!
  5. Now it’s time for the Construction Documents (Plans). There will be floor plans and elevations, framing plans and cross-sections, schedules and details and calculations (oh my). An engineer might be involved, or other experts in particular aspects like roof truss design or mechanical systems. (It takes a village.) The completed plans will have enough information for builders to give you realistic number$, to apply for the building permits, and to construct your new home.
  6. At this point my work is mostly done. I remain available to answer questions or make modifications. I send you a final invoice, You send me a final check and a lovely testimonial. We are all very happy and eager to see the finished project.