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Hi. My name is Viki Wooster. I am a professional residential building designer serving the beautiful High Desert of Central Oregon. I design houses. No, wait, I design homes. Homes for families like yours. A home you will love and where you'll feel, well, right at home. My clients have always said "That's just what we had in mind!" Are you considering a remodel or addition project? I do those too.

A design doesn't become a home without detailed plans that illustrate how a house is to be built, that show how a house complies with building codes and structural requirements, and that explain the features that will make a house your home. Both contractors and plans examiners have complimented me on the quality of my plans.

If you want to know more, email me at info@woosterdesignonline.com. Or give me a call.

Here are a few of the many homes I have designed:

Carriage HouseRanch HouseHillside HouseWelcoming EntryVictorian HouseBungalowFarm HouseCliffside House

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